Terms & Conditions - Buildings Installation

Dimensions: All buildings dimensions are nominal usually based on external wall or roof sizes. Timber sizes are nominal and can vary several millimetres from quoted sizes due to planing and drying. Please call us if you require an exact size.

Specifications: Our policy is one of continual upgrading and improvement, often based on feedback from our customers. We reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

Timber: Timber is a natural product subject to movement which results from changes in the weather. We select the highest grade timber required for a particular product, this may contain knots which are a natural feature.


Product Guarantee

Our timber buildings are guaranteed against defects under normal circumstances for a period of 12 months from date of purchase. During this time should a fault arise due to defects in either materials or workmanship it will be repaired free of charge, providing the installation was carried out by ourselves or by a competent person according to our instructions and on a foundation suitable for the purpose.

Shropshire Manufacturing Company (SMC) guarantees for 12 months to repair any defect caused by faulty workmanship and / or materials supplied, providing the building has been maintained correctly and taking the information on base preparation into account detailed below. Faults should be reported within 7 days of being noticed or this will void the guarantee

We cannot be responsible for work carried out subsequently by customers or their agents which affects the product.

We use top quality materials. However, we cannot be held responsible for shrinking, warping, cracking or any other natural timber problems after our guarantee period.


Onduline Roofing

Onduline roofing sheets are guaranteed to remain weatherproof for fifteen years under normal usage, when fixed and maintained in strict accordance with the fixing / maintenance instructions. The guarantee is non transferable and does not cover the aesthetic quality of the material.

The guarantee after five years service is limited to the pro-rata replacement value of the Onduline materials set against the service life measured in annual increments and does not extend to labour, related construction or third party costs.


Customer Responsibility

The customer is responsible for obtaining all the necessary planning permissions from the Local Authority. It is your responsibility to determine whether building regulation consent, planning permissions or other consents are required. We will make no investigations to determine whether building regulation consent, planning permissions or other consents or licences are required. It is your responsibility to obtain any such approvals and to inform us of any building or planning requirements that must be complied with during the order process. Where you do inform us of building or planning requirements we will use all reasonable endeavours to amend the building specification so that the building is compliant and confirm any additional costs with you in writing. 

Customers should ensure that the site has been cleared and levelled with the position for the corners clearly indicated. Where applicable, the position should be in accordance with the plans approved by the Local Authority. Where specified, the provision of a suitable foundation is the customer’s responsibility.

SMC does not accept responsibility for fixing the building to any foundations not installed by us. SMC does not accept responsibility for any subsequent storm damage.

Please note that it is the customers responsibility to prepare a suitable base for your building to be sited onto. For your guarantee purposes this should be a level solid, and square concrete, slab or compacted gravel pad.

If the foundations do not conform to our base plans we may not erect the building. If in our reasonable opinion, the foundations have not been prepared in accordance with the base plan provided, we may refuse to erect the building until the foundations conform to the base plan. In such circumstances, we will charge you 25% of the contract value in attending the property but being unable to carry out the installation as well as any storage costs incurred whilst the foundations are being rectified and further delivery costs.

Installation of the Goods on the Base provided by the Customer shall be entirely at the Customer’s own risk and the Company shall not be liable for any damage to any property (including the Goods) or any injury to any person caused by any fault in the design, materials or workmanship of the Base on which the Goods are installed, and the Customer shall indemnify the Company against all claims, costs and expenses made against the Company arising from any defect in the Base;

The use of a spirit level is advised. If a suitable base is not prepared then future problems may arise i.e. twisting of building, doors and windows not functioning correctly.


Delivery & Installation

It is the responsibility of ‘The Customer’ to provide free and unobstructed access for product delivery and entry to the fitting site. We recommend that panel sizes are checked to allow access through archways and doors. Any failed, abortive or return delivery charges shall be recovered from ‘The Customer’ at cost.

SMC will not bear any abortive costs arising from ‘The Customer’ due to a failed delivery.

To ensure that installation can be completed, the customer
must :

  • Provide a concrete or paved base , being firm, square (diagonals) and level (by spirit level) – no less than the size of their chosen product. Ensure 600 mm (2’) unobstructed access is provided all around the proposed site
  • No trees, branches or similar encroach upon the proposed site or working space
  • Provide clear external pedestrian access (not height or turn limited) to allow unimpeded passage of the product sections or components

If on arrival, the base does not fully comply with the above and installation is abandoned, ‘The Customer’ will become liable for the installation service fee. This fee will be retained by SMC to cover the initial incurred labour costs. The product can be left on site and ‘The Customer’ given the option of either:

  • Self-assembly
  • Or, preparing an appropriate base upon which a return visit can be arranged subject to payment of an additional erection service fee.



Our payment terms are 25% deposit with order, with the balance being due immediately on completion of either delivery or fitting of the product.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or credit/debit card.