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Pods are the latest in designer buildings for your garden. We are able to design and install to your requirements.

• warm, cosy and insulated
• available in a range of sizes
• fitted with beds if required
• optional fitted work bench
• options to fit cooking area
• full electric packs available
• can be designed to suit your requirements.

A Pod gives you the benefit of an insulated building usable throughout the year, with extra security and privacy.

Can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

• extra bedroom for guests
• workshop
• children's play room
• painting / craft studio
• reading room
• office

Can be finished in a variety of styles and colours, but all are fully insulated and have double glazed door and window.


• twin bed/seats
• double bed
• end work surface for kitchenette
• electric heating
• bespoke designs to suit your needs
• workbenches and seating